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Prison Project

Since 1995, several hundred prisoners in over 60 U.S. prisons have received these materials. Currently we are mailing these teachings to over 100 inmates. In addition, we answer many personal questions pertaining to the prisoners' spiritual path and practices.

Teaching Certification

The Second Year Program is available to those who have satisfactorily finished the first year course. During the 2nd Year of "Walking the Sacred Wheel" you will move from the circumference of the sacred circle into the center where you will explore The World Tree from its roots to its branches, traveling with ease along the vertical plane of the shaman's cosmology.

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About The Institute

Sacred Circles Institute is located in the beautiful Puget Sound Area of Washington State. We offer classes and conduct workshops on a variety of topics about spiritual development.

Circle Resources

Books and other products can be ordered from Vision Quest Educational Center and Bookstore.

Free Brochure

All the peoples of the Earth at one time honored and lived lives in tune with nature and the elements.

Home Study Courses

Our programs provide a safe and sacred space in which self-exploration and transformation can occur. Our experiential approach to learning is based on the sacred knowledge of the ancient earth-centered traditions.

Invocation Blessing Song

Behold Great Mystery, Creative Force, Spirit That Moves Through All. We call to the seven directions of the Sacred Wheel.

Professional Services

The High Challenge Ropes Course is an outdoor, experiential learning program designed to build high quality, high performance teams in the most cost-, time-, and people-effective way available.